How teenage pregnancy can affect one's life?

Answer are responsible for someone other than you!!!!!

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How does teenage pregnancy can affect your life?

It can affect a teenagers life in many ways:The teenager will miss schoolThey will put on considerable amounts of weight (this happens to every woman when she becomes pregnant)The baby may make the... Read More »

How does teenage pregnancy affect a family?

- There can be less money due to having to buy baby items and pay daycare. - The parents of the teen has their lives changed with a baby in the house again. - Less private time and more babysittin... Read More »

How will teenage pregnancy affect you emotionally?

Teenage pregnancy not only affects a person emotionally, but also physically, mentally and financially. You may experience mood swings and feelings of guilt and sometimes even regret. Also, you may... Read More »

How does teenage pregnancy affect education?

Answer The time needed to dedicate toward personal healthcare and childcare after the baby is born makes it hard to dedicate enough time to your studies. Answer:: Umm you would miss a lot of scho... Read More »