How tall is the world's tallest tree&what type is it?

Answer The world's tallest tree was discovered in 2006 growing in Northern California's Redwood National Forest. The giant Redwood, measuring 379.1 feet, was named "Hyperion" and stands 8.6 feet over its ... Read More »

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Worlds tallest child?

The World's tallest child is an American 13 year old, at this age his measure is and 7ft 5inches and he is still growing. Doctors think that the will be like Robert Wadlow who died at the age of 23... Read More »

What four feet tall birds are the tallest in North America?

The whooping crane is North Americas largest bird. Both sexes are, on average, 4.25 feet tall. Until recently the bird was on the brink of extinction, but thanks to conservation measures in Canada ... Read More »

What type of flower grows to be the tallest?

The sunflower is a very tall flower.melinda and a urszula here.....=] well the answer is Sun Flower....=] [tee hee]

What type of water makes plants grow tallest?

On One Hand: Distilled Water Has No ChemicalsDistilled water is specially treated to remove any minerals and chemicals. The process involves steaming water into vapor and then cooling it back to ro... Read More »