How tall is the janitor on scrubs?

Answer The janitor character on the television series "Scrubs" is known only by the name "Janitor." The character is played by Neil Flynn. According to the Internet Movie Database, Neil Flynn is 6 feet, 5... Read More »

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Why do the surgeons on 'Scrubs' wear green scrubs and the doctors blue?

What is the name of the janitor in the Muppet show?

Janitor Job Description & Duties?

Before, during and after business hours, janitors clean the offices, restrooms and supply rooms in commercial buildings, stores, schools, factories, hospitals, hotels and apartment complexes. No fo... Read More »

Janitor Duties at Funeral Homes?

Funeral homes are in the business of delivering people to their final resting place; because of this, the appearance of many funeral homes is that of a perpetually unchanging and almost sacred inst... Read More »