Can tall women wear heels?

Answer I think tall women look better in heels than in flats. And here is why. In flats or other types of flat dress shoes, it looks as if the woman is TRYING HARD to reduce her height. That doesn't co... Read More »

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IS being Really tall intimidating for women?

Some women enjoy a very tall man. I know I do.It doesn't intimidate me, but even if it did, intimidation turns some people on.

Is 5'7" average or tall?

well my opinion you tall haha cusz im 17 and im only 5'3

How tall is a average 9 year old boy?

How tall is the average breakfast bar?

Breakfast bars are typically between 39 inches and 42 inches tall. Ceiling height in the kitchen (and adjoining room, if necessary), as well as cabinet heights, cost of custom cabinetry and the hei... Read More »