How tall is Mount Whitney?

Answer The elevation at the Mount Whitney summit is 14,494 feet, or 4418 meters. Mount Whitney is located in the Sierra Nevada, and when climbing the mountain in spring and early summer, climbing equipmen... Read More »

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How tall is Mount Etna?

Mount Etna, Europe's largest active volcano, stands 10,991 feet high, according to Science Daily, a science news website. However, the volcano's height varies over time as eruptions can blow off so... Read More »

How tall is Mount Kenya?

Mount Kenya is the tallest mountain in Kenya, with an elevation of 17,000 feet. It is the second tallest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. A reasonably fit person can climb up toward the ... Read More »

How tall is Mount Blanc?

Mont Blanc, which straddles the French/Italian border, measured 15,782 feet, 3 inches tall, or 4,810.45 m, in July 2010. Two years earlier, it was almost 18 inches taller. Variations in the thickne... Read More »

What size screws to mount vizio 47 inch tv to wall mount?

Most 47" Vizio televisions use a M6 (6 mm) metric screw no more than 50mm long. If you have a Vizio-branded mount, you can use screws as short as 20mm.