How tall is judge greg mathis?

Answer almost 6 feet.

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How old is judge greg mathis?

Greg Mathis was born on April 5th 1960. That makes his current age 51 years, 8 months and 16 days old.

How do you Contact Judge Greg Mathis?

You can try contacting Judge Mathis at the related link provided below.

When was judge Greg Mathis born?

Judge Greg Mathis was born April 5, 1960 in Detroit, Michigan,and overcame early obstacles to become the youngest judge in Michigan history. He serves as the star of a syndicated courtroom televisi... Read More »

What is the yearly salary of judge greg mathis?

I know on Divorce court the last Judge I forgot her name I know she got fired made a Million Dollars a year. I know Judge Mathis is somewhere around a million dollars or more.