How tall is a wind vane?

Answer There is no standard height of a wind vane. However, wind vanes are often coupled with an anemometer, which should be placed at 10 meters (about 33 feet). The wind vane should also be above any la... Read More »

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Does a wind vane measure the speed of the wind?

A wind vane, typically called a weather vane, does not measure the speed of the wind, but instead the direction of it. Wind speed is measured by a device called a anemometer.References:Lansing Scho... Read More »

What is a wind vane used for?

The wind vane, also known as a weather vane, measures the direction of the wind. The force of the wind blows against a pointing device which then points in the direction which the wind blows. It ca... Read More »

What is a wind vane?

A wind vane and a weather vane are exactly the same thing. Some people have the idea that a wind vane predicts the weather. In fact, all that it does is reveal the wind direction, but knowing wind... Read More »

What is the definition of a wind vane?

According to, a wind vane is a tool that is used to measure the direction the wind is blowing. The reading produced by a wind vane tells which way the wind is traveling.Source:Am... Read More »