How Tall Should a Pole Be for Pole Beans?

Answer When spouses divorce and cannot reach an agreement regarding division of the assets, a family law judge will divide it according to the state's family law and property rules. Joint accounts are typ... Read More »

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EPA Telephone Pole Disposal Regulations?

It's estimated that there are approximately 120 million utility poles in service today. They are pressure treated with a preservative to enhance their resistance to rot, fungi, decay, insects and w... Read More »

How tall is a tetherball pole?

The total height of a tetherball pole is 12 feet. The pole is cemented 2 feet into the ground, leaving a 10-foot section visible above the ground. The tetherball pole is usually made from galvanize... Read More »

How tall is a flag pole?

An outdoor in-ground flagpole height can range from 15 feet to 70 feet tall. If you are interested in mounting a flagpole to your house, it is recommended that a 5 feet to 8 feet tall flagpole is u... Read More »

Who is responsible for damages to your vehicle if a friend was driving and hit a telephone pole and he has only liability insurance?

Answer It would depend on which state you reside in to determine the exact answer to your question, howeverÂ…As a general rule of law, you are the responsible party if you gave the person your perm... Read More »