My little nephew loves Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Should I serve kangaroo meat at his birthday party?

Answer If he likes kangaroos, why not give him a jumper ?

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What is a kangaroo pump?

A kangaroo pump is a feeding pump that, in conjunction with a gastrostomy button, provides pediatric medical patients with constant drip feeding over a period of time. A gastrostomy button is a dev... Read More »

Was Captain Kangaroo gay?

What is the origin of the name kangaroo?

According to the website Outback Australia Travel Guide, the word kangaroo was derived from the Aboriginal term for the grey kangaroo, or gangurru. An Australian urban myth states that the kangaroo... Read More »

How to Dry Kangaroo Paws?

Kangaroo paws are plants in the family Haemodoraceae, native to south-western Western Australia (WA). They are lovely flowers that can be made to last a great deal longer for home display by drying... Read More »