Is Toby Keith a Democrat?

Answer In an interview published in the Boston Globe in 2004, Toby Keith said he was a registered Democrat. However, he described himself as a "conservative Democrat" and compared himself to Joseph Lieber... Read More »

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If Toby Keith plays in a forest and there's no one around to hear it, does it still suck?

Please does anyone know How many times Toby Keith has be overseas to sing for the troops 5/30/10?

Monday May 31, 201098.7 KUPLToby has traveled to more than 10 countries during 7 USO tours.--From* Lounge* Travel--UnitedChamp... Read More »

The GLEE kids are covering a Toby Keith song. Could it suck so hard the resulting black hole devours the Earth?

It sucks so hard it puts Jerry Sandusky to shame.*

What is a toby mug?

A Toby mug is a ceramic cup or mug shaped and designed like a collectible doll or ornament. They are commonly full-body figurines, while the similar character mugs are head figurines. Toby mugs hav... Read More »