How tall it Oprah Winfrey?

Answer she is known to be 5 ft. 6 inch

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Oprah Winfrey was supposed to be named Oprah who was Oprah?

Oprah was supposed to be named Orpah from the Book of Ruth in the Bible but they didn't know how to pronounce it so it became Oprah.See link below for more info on Orpah.

If a 15 year old boy is 5' 4 tall how tall will he be when is an adult?

He will be 5'11 or at lease 6'0 remember you can still grow so if your 5'4 at 15 you will still grow to at lease 5'11 or at lease 6'0

How much does Oprah Winfrey make in one episode of the Oprah show?

What was the Oprah Winfrey Show called before Oprah Came on it?