Christian Bale vs Sam Rockwell vs Jamie Foxx?

Answer BaleFoxx RockwellBale and Foxx are about equal in acting skill but I give Bale the edge because many of his films he has used an American accent and he's Welsh, with a rather strong accent and that... Read More »

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Who sings the theme song for"The Jamie Foxx Show"?

"The Jamie Foxx Show" aired on the WB network from August of 1996 to January of 2001. The sitcom ran for five seasons. During seasons 1 to 3, the theme song was called "Here Comes Jamie Foxx." Duri... Read More »

What is the name of the song when Jamie Foxx Accepted his 2013 movie award?

Who was Jamie Kennedy's wife on Jamie Kennedy Experiment when he plays a blind man with a cheating wife?

Answer Joanna Portman, judging by the IMDB Photo. Answer Joannah Portman

What was the real name of Redd Foxx?