Alan Jackson says, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere ...What is your favorite song with a number in the title?

Answer .....9,999,999 Tears .....Dickey Lee

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How tall is Alan sugar?

How tall is American Idol's Randy Jackson?

9'5 and weighs 1365 lbs.9'5 and weighs 1365 lbs.

Is Randy Jackson of American Idol the same Randy Jackson of the Jackson 5ive?

No, he was not. Randy was a nickname for Steven Randall Jackson. (Michael Jackson's younger brother) Randy Jackson on American Idol is not in any way related to Michael Jackson and he isn't one of... Read More »

How Did you feel when Paris Jackson Said here sincere words at the end of Michael Jackson's Memorial?

ok look, some of you are so disgusting, saying she faked it and all. you cant fake something like that. this is a kid that is truely upset over the death of her daddy.this is exactly why Michael ke... Read More »