Which tastes better burnt The 40-cent mac and cheese or the 33-cent french fries?

Answer Well I like crispy French fries, but my mom burnt me out on the 33 cent French fries... soI'm going to say the 40 cent mac and cheese is better, because you can mix in extra cheese and mask the bur... Read More »

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Am I just like 50 cent?

Do u like 50 cent?

no the worst thing about him was that one of the 9 bullets failed to kill him

What was the value of one cent in 1828?

A penny, or one cent, in 1828 is equivalent to 19 cents in 2009 currency. Even so, pennies from 1828, which are known as classic or large cents, can sell for more than $800.References:West Egg: The... Read More »

Can I use 41-cent stamps?

As of June 2010, it costs 44 cents to mail a first-class letter in the United States. If you have 41-cent stamps, you can still use them, but you'll need to buy additional postage to cover the diff... Read More »