How tall is 5 feet 5 inches in centimeters?

Answer A foot contains 12 inches, so 5 feet, 5 inches is the equivalent of 65 inches total. There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch. Multiplying 65 and 2.54 determines that 5 feet, 5 inches in metric terms ... Read More »

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How tall is 21 inches in centimeters?

There are 53.34 cm in 21 in. Each inch is equal to 2.54 cm. To convert from inches to centimeters, you must multiply the number of inches by 2.54. Centimeters are a metric unit; inches are used in ... Read More »

How many centimeters are in 5 feet 10 inches?

One inch equals about 2.54 centimeters. Therefore, 5 feet 10 inches (70 inches total) equals approximately 177.8 centimeters, or 70 x 2.39 = 177.8. (The number of centimeters for one inch is a repe... Read More »

How do I convert centimeters to inches and feet?

Centimeters to InchesConvert centimeters to inches by first multiplying the number of centimeters by 0.3937. This will produce the equivalent number of inches and decimals of inches. An example is:... Read More »

How many centimeters are in 4 feet&11 inches?

There are 149.86 centimeters in 4 feet 11 inches. Each foot equals 12 inches, so 4 feet 11 inches equals 59 inches. Each inch equals 2.54 centimeters, so (59 inches)(2.54 centimeters/inch) = 149.86... Read More »