How tall does bamboo grow?

Answer Depending on the variety of bamboo, it can can grow to average heights as low as 1 foot, or as high as 100 feet or more. Bamboo is used throughout the world as an ornamental grass, food source and ... Read More »

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How tall can lucky bamboo grow?

When owners take proper care of their lucky bamboo it can reach up to 3 inches in height. Do not let the height fool you: Lucky bamboo likes to be crowded, so there is no rush to put it in a bigger... Read More »

How tall is a lucky bamboo?

According to Microscopy Magazine, lucky bamboo can grow up to 1.5 meters (5 feet) tall with proper care. Most do not make it to that size since they grow at a slow 1 to 3 inches per year. Thwart gr... Read More »

How tall is a bamboo palm?

According to Floridata, the bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii) grows about 7 feet tall. The palm thrives in well-drained soil and should be placed in low-lit areas of the home. Caring for the plan... Read More »

How much can bamboo grow in a day?

Bamboo is a large grass plant that is native to tropical regions but adapts well to almost any climate zone. Fast-growing bamboo grows up to 2 inches a day when planted in good growing conditions. ... Read More »