How tall does a ficus tree grow annually?

Answer The ficus natida in my front yard in Arizona grew to 25 feet high with a 30 foot spread.

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How tall can a ficus hedge grow?

The ficus is capable of growing up to 25 feet in height and can spread out to a width equal to that of its height. Because of its height, width, and ability to be trimmed, this tree is commonly use... Read More »

Will a ficus tree grow in Jacksonville?

A ficus tree will grow in Jacksonville, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. There are over 800 species and thousands of varieties of ficus trees. Ficus trees are popular outdoor landscape pla... Read More »

How tall does a hibiscus tree grow?

Tropical hibiscus trees can grow 10 to 15 feet tall. Hybrids tend to be slightly shorter. Factors affecting hibiscus growth include climate, amount of sunlight and whether the plant is in the groun... Read More »

How tall does a macadamia nut tree grow?

Macadamia nut trees can grow up to 30 or 40 feet tall. The trees don't actually start producing macadamia nuts until they are at least four or five years old. Harvest is usually late October to lat... Read More »