How tall does a fence have to be around a pool in Illinois?

Answer Each city in Illinois has its own regulations for fences surrounding pools. Fences, averaging 4 to 5 feet high, are required for all in-ground pools. In some cities, there is no requirement to have... Read More »

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How tall does a fence around a pool have to be?

A pool fence must be at least 48 inches tall and completely surround the pool. The rails must be no more than 45 inches apart, with pickets no more than 4 inches apart. The fence must be self-latch... Read More »

How Tall Should You Make a Fence to Keep Deer Out?

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Does a pool have to have a fence around it?

A barrier of some sort is generally required by code in the U.S. for safety reasons. However, always check with your local building department (and your insurance company) to find out exactly what... Read More »

Do you need a fence for a pool?

The laws regarding fences around swimming polls vary by state, locality and municipality. A fence is always advisable if you have a swimming pool to keep children and pets safe, but check with your... Read More »