How tall does a bonsai tree grow?

Answer The height of the bonsai tree depends on the variety. The Okinawa tree only grows to about 5 to 6 inches. The Japanese White Pine can reach as high as 50 feet and the popular Chinese Elm grows up t... Read More »

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How fast does a bonsai tree grow?

The speed at which the Bonsai tree grows depends in part on the type. With good maintenance and care, the Bonsai tree will need to be repotted every one to two years. This involves trimming the roo... Read More »

How tall is a bougainvillea bonsai tree?

The bougainvillea bonsai can grow as tall as 13 feet. Factors that allow this bonsai to reach its height are proper watering during the flowering period, keeping it at a temperature between 49 and ... Read More »

Help my bonsai tree is growing up really tall and sagging?

It needs to be pruned.…

How to Grow a Bonsai Tree?

In the West, most people associate the art form of bonsai with Japan. Although most bonsai designed today by Western artists follow the traditional philosophies and techniques for bonsai that have ... Read More »