How tall do you have to be to ride on the rides at Disney World?

Answer Being 4 feet tall will get you on any ride at Disney World, with the exception of the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, which requires a height of 52 inches. Disney has a tiered system of height requirem... Read More »

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Which rides can overweight guests ride at Disney?

Walt Disney World has made it a point to create a theme park in which the rides can be easily accessible and as comfortable as possible for people of all sizes. Every ride in the parks will accomm... Read More »

Is there a weight limit to ride rides at disney world?

Walt Disney World and Disneyland do not impose weight restrictions on any attraction. Rather, guests must fit safely within the restraint system, seat belt or harness designed for each specific rid... Read More »

Just curious, what turns a guy on more, a girl who rides on the back or rides her own bike?

I like the feeling of having my darling wife on the back however, by her own admission, she gets all fired up after going for a ride on her own bike. So I get her to ride when I can :)

How tall do you have to be to ride without a car seat?