How tall do palm trees grow?

Answer The species of palm trees that grow in North America vary in height. Species such as the Buccaneer palm and Florida silver palm only grow as high as about 25 feet, while types such as the Florida r... Read More »

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How far apart can you grow queen palm trees?

Queen palms should not be planted any closer than their mature canopy's diameter. The root ball of the palm is roughly equivalent in diameter to the canopy. A palm's foliage can extend to 10 to 15 ... Read More »

How far north can palm trees grow?

Short answer- Redding California It depends what you consider to be a "palm tree." Most people only consider Coconut Palms or Date Palms palm trees. Some people consider yucca plants and bananas to... Read More »

Palm Trees That Grow in Florida?

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for good reason -- bright days and subtropical and tropical climates. Florida is also known for its abundance of palm trees. Names like majesty, areca and blu... Read More »

Do palm trees grow naturally London?

Yes they grow palm tree in London most especially few on pleasure beach.