How do you grow tall?

Answer To improve your height - raise your hands and touch your feet without bending your knee joint, you stretch your body and this will make your hormone work better than before. Keep yourself hydrated ... Read More »

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How to grow tall even after 18?

well first check to see if ur growth plates are opened, if so work out it boosts hormone levels, eat protein, calcium and vitamin c riched foods. Also stretch before and after you work out. Play ba... Read More »

How can i grow tall im only 5.5?

Well, that's sort of not within your power, I'm afraid. We are, what we are. Now if you are still a young teenager, you may have some more growth spurts, but you'll just have to wait & see. Also, ... Read More »

How tall does bamboo grow?

Depending on the variety of bamboo, it can can grow to average heights as low as 1 foot, or as high as 100 feet or more. Bamboo is used throughout the world as an ornamental grass, food source and ... Read More »

How to Grow Tall Naturally?

Your height is one characteristic that others notice in an instant. If you are not completely happy with your height, you can help yourself naturally grow taller. Three key factors in keeping your ... Read More »