How tall do Big Boy tomatoes grow?

Answer The Big Boy tomato can grow to a height of 4 to 5 feet in one season. Although it is an interdeterminate, or vining, tomato, its growth pattern is bushy. The plant produces tomatoes that weigh up t... Read More »

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Can I grow tomatoes from store-bought tomatoes?

Seeds from a store-bought tomato must be fermented before planting. This process takes approximately three days, and then the seeds must be dried for at least a week. For the best-tasting homegrown... Read More »

How to Grow Your Own Tomatoes?

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How do I grow tomatoes?

Tomatoes love lots of sun (about 6 hrs a day), and like good air circulation and warm soil. I was in London in summer last year, and it was definitely warm enough for tomatoes to grow. A common mis... Read More »

Can you grow tomatoes in a pot?

Tomatoes grow well in pots and many tomato varieties are developed specifically for container gardening. Container tomatoes are sometimes called 'patio tomatoes' and feature thicker stems than gard... Read More »