How tall are babies with Cystic Fibrosis?

Answer My AnswerPossibly, especially if it has bacteria and germs on it.

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My baby is gonna be a carry of cystic fibrosis I am also a carrier of cystic fibrosis is my child gonna be a lot like me?

Why has the testing of newborn babies for cystic fibrosis been introduced only recently even though the test was available twenty years ago?

It is not very easy to define "normal". The normal temperature varies depending on many factors.

What personality changes does cystic fibrosis cause?

None. People are born with the disease, so therefore they cannot "change". Of course, if their parents hide the facts that go along with this disease (short life-expectancy, for example), and they ... Read More »

You have cystic fibrosis will your baby have it?

that depends on the father, if he also has CF then yes, if he is a carrier then 50%ish will be, if he is not affected in any way, then no but they will be carrers.