How tall are 16.5 tires?

Answer When checking the height of a tire, you will need to know the exact width, sidewall and wheel size. With a 16.5 wheel, you are looking for a tire that ranges from 22 to 30 inches tall.Source:S&S Ti... Read More »

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What is the braking distance between winter tires vs. four-season tires?

Comparing the braking distance of winter tires and four-season tires depends on road conditions. With snow on the road, winter tires have a 38 percent shorter stopping distance than all-season tire... Read More »

When are you supposed to change your winter tires to Summer tires?

When the snow and ice are gone and the temperature is consistently above freezing. What day that is depends on where you live and how the weather is sorting itself out this year. There is no "nat... Read More »

My tires are kind of cuppin or in another word i have wear tires?

It isnt a balance. They are probably not BS'ing you. Shocks cause uneven wear in tires and a balance would help the problem not fix it.Remember your shocks need changing every 90k

Will 235 60r17 tires fit a car that needs 235 60r16 tires?

The final number in the tire size is the diameter of the wheel. Therefore, because it is physically impossible to mount a 16-inch tire on a 17-inch wheel, a 235 60r17 tire will not fit a car that n... Read More »