How tall and wide do rubber trees get?

Answer we dont know because were stupid

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How tall& wide is the Sphinx?

The Great Spinx of Giza rises 65 feet in the air and is 20 feet wide. Located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, it dates to 2723 BC and is carved out of surrounding bedrock. It is the largest singl... Read More »

Tall girl with wide hips?

Put a measure tape above your hips and below your ribs and pull it tight. That # will be your smallest size. Frankly, size is in the culture. GAP you may be in the plus size but lane Bryant you may... Read More »

How tall and wide would a subarbian home be in the 1950s?

About forty feet wide across the face and about nine feet to the soffits. Add a typical roof pitch and your probably looking at about sixteen feet to the peak. Maybe fifty feet deep. Depending on t... Read More »

How come my new iPhone 4S doesn't switch from wide to tall on YouTube?

You can stretch the picture of the videos by tapping the feature when the video's are playing.