How successful are conventional cancer treatments?

Answer The effectiveness of traditional medical treatments for cancer such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery depends on what type of cancer you have and how far along it is. The effectiveness of a tr... Read More »

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How much is 'Cancer Healer' based in Delhi India successful in healing cancer, as it claims?

You are asking this question in the US. If anyone here claimed to be a “cancer healer” they would be arrested and thrown in jail. Most doctors in India may be qualified to be a nurse’s aid he... Read More »

Why is so much money put into treatments for cancer and none into preventing cancer?

Excellent question. You are wise to think of this. ' Wish more people would think along these lines.We could help ourselves so much if we would prevent cancers in the first place. The plague of t... Read More »

Successful Treatments of Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition which causes the redness in the face and produces small red bumps on the face. Rosacea is chronic and it tends to worsen over time, fluctuating between flare-ups ... Read More »

How successful is Tarceva for lung cancer?

On One Hand: Success in specific circumstancesThe Food and Drug Administration has approved erlotinib--a type of cancer drug also known by its brand name, Tarceva--to prevent the growth of cancer c... Read More »