How strong would a wind have to be to lift a man?

Answer It would require a wind gust of 125 mph to physically lift a man from the ground up into the air. Wind speeds of 80 to100 miles an hour, however, can make walking impossible and send someone tumbli... Read More »

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Im 17 years old and im currently dating this guy for 6 months and you're goin' strong but you have a feeling that theres a possiblity that you could be pregnant and if you are how would you tell your?

AnswerWell to start you're 17 and in the world we live in you need to be careful. Be safe, Period. . no excuses nothing. Youre whole life is ahead of you, and a baby certainly doesn't allow you to ... Read More »

Adoptees: Did you have a strong desire to have a child when you were young simply to have a blood connection?

I very much wanted children. Having a blood connection was part of it. A desire to parent was part of it, as well. I did hope to have children fairly early (in my 20's.) Being infertile, it nev... Read More »

Who would be the worst person to be trapped in a lift with?

Worst:David& Victoria Beckham, they've the most boring voices ever!!!Jeremy Clarkson: annoying!!!Naomi Campbell: Scary!!!Jade Goody: annoying!!!Barry Scott: enough said!!!Best:Kiefer SutherlandDavi... Read More »

Which coverage would cover a car falling off a lift comprehensive or collision?

Answer Comprehensive. You did not dive the car into anything