How strong is nylon fishing line?

Answer Nylon fishing line is also known as monofilament line. It comes with different "pound test" numbers, which show the amount of stress that the line can take before it breaks. The test number for mos... Read More »

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How strong is nylon fishing string?

The strength of nylon monofilament fishing line is determined by the amount weight it takes to break it. Manufacturers make it in breaking strengths from 2 lbs. to over 100 lbs. The breaking streng... Read More »

How do I use nylon fishing line?

Choosing nylon fishing lineDetermining how to use nylon fishing line depends largely on the body of water. Most fishermen use nylon line in lakes or in saltwater for smaller-sized fish. In freshwat... Read More »

How much weight can a nylon fishing line hold?

All fishing line comes packaged from the manufacturer with a specific breaking strength on its label--6 lb. test, 8 lb. test etc. The assumption is that a fishing line rated at 20 lbs. will break w... Read More »

How strong is a fly fishing line?

Fly fishing line is as strong as its rating. For example, ratings of strength of lines range from 1 to 15 weight. The higher the weight, the stronger the line. According to Fly Fish USA, "For examp... Read More »