How strict should a teenager's diet be?

Answer You're getting a great variety of nutrients and ingredients! I'm also a teenager, concerned about eating the right way! I've done lots of research and read books on getting a balanced diet, and I'v... Read More »

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Strict Diet Help!! Plz?

Hi naht, Well too be honest you dont really need to be going on a strict diet plan at your age. This is because your young and you have a high matobolism rate, this means your body burns the calori... Read More »

Strict diet, but eat whatever I want once a week?

have a cheat meal once a week. It resets your metabolism and helps your weight loss, but having an entire day of crappy foods will slow you down in your weight loss.

What would happen on a strict tofu diet?

You would eventually get really sick. Because a multivitamin does not actually contain everything your body needs, the loss of essential nutrients would eventually cause strange illnesses and even... Read More »

A STRICT good diet plan to loose 10 pounds fast ?

I know you probably don't want to hear this but losing weight too fast is unhealthy and you are more likely to gain it back and then some.Strict diets that drastically reduce calories may work in t... Read More »