How soon will my insurance find out about a DUI?

Answer DUI information isn't sent to your insurance company. They may find out about it if you apply for a new policy or if they perform a random check on your driving records. If you are required to file... Read More »

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Will your insurance company find out about a speeding ticket received in Canada?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Answer My information is that the state of New York is the only state that shares information with Ontario. The answer is no on both the state and insurance company bu... Read More »

If you change insurance companies will the new company find out about an accident in another state?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%AnswerAll of your driving history is attached to your driver's license number which is in a global insurance reporting source called "C.L.U.E." Wherever you go, it will follow. A... Read More »

About how much will basic insurance cost for a 30 year old male once the new Insurance system is in place?

It is hard to say. I believe that a lot of it depends upon the number of people in ones state who cannot afford insurance will cause those who do work to have to kick more into the pool to support... Read More »

I will maybe be moving soon, and I am wondering some things about Direct TV and Dish Network.?

well ive had dish network. with them you rent the system and they do all the upkeep and maintenance. you have choses of packages you can get for the number of channels you want.they do tend to go o... Read More »