How soon will my broken 5th metacarpal bone heal?

Answer It is really not advisable to put stress on your injured body part especially if you are talking about a broken bone. Bone needs quite some time to heal so it is best not to rush it. You just need... Read More »

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How to Heal a Broken Clavicle Bone?

A broken clavicle, or collarbone, is a painful experience, but the recovery is fairly straightforward if you have a simple fracture. A simple fracture is a single break rather than breaks in multip... Read More »

How to Heal from a Broken Collar Bone?

Got a broken collar bone? This how-to will show you tips and tactics to help heal your collar bone fairly quickly!

After a broken bone heals will the bone always have a weak spot?

people say that they grow back stronger but i have broken my wrist 3 times in 7 years, the 1st time, a clean snap but the other 2 were from simple falling over in netball and tennis and was just a ... Read More »

How long will it take my collar bone to heal?

It is the most unstable in the first 2 weeks. Then, it will start to heal together with new bone in 3-4 weeks. This should make it nearly painfree. complete healing in 6-8 weeks, with remodeling of... Read More »