How soon should I receive my financial aid after I receive my SAR ?

Answer your school has its own guidelines for the timeframe to be awarded. if you have just turned in your documents then you may want to chk with financial aid to see how long it takes. if not you will b... Read More »

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Retired early because of accident injury will I receive more monthly money after age 65 than I receive now?

Can you receive financial aid for art history degrees?

Although there are fewer financial aid options for art history majors than other, more traditional degree options, they are available. Colleges will vary in the amount of financial aid offered to a... Read More »

How soon does the IRS receive e-file tax forms?

The IRS receives your federal tax return via e-file within 48 hours of submission. You or your tax preparer will receive an e-mail notice confirming that the IRS received and accepted your tax retu... Read More »

How to Receive a Text Message When You Receive E-mail?

If your business or personal life revolves around email, it is important that you receive all of your incoming emails as soon as possible. However, since a computer or Internet access may not alway... Read More »