How soon is the heart developed in a fetus?

Answer A fetus develops a heart in the third week of pregnancy. The heart initially is outside the body and begins beating at a regular rhythm in the fourth or fifth week. By eight weeks, the fetal heart ... Read More »

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Will the yolk sac found during an ultrasound given at 8 weeks develop into a fetus while the other sac has clearly already developed into a fetus during a multiple birth?

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Where in the fetus are egg cells developed?

Egg cells develop in a female fetus' ovaries when the gonads, the undifferentiated genital organs that lie in the lower abdomen of a developing embryo, change into female or male organs during the ... Read More »

When are the lungs of a fetus fully developed?

According to researchers at the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale University School of Medicine, the lungs are the last organs to fully develop in a fetus. Full l... Read More »

When does a fetus have a functioning heart?

In normal fetal development, the heart and circulatory system begin forming during the first four weeks after conception. During week five, the fetus's heart is developed and functional enough to b... Read More »