How soon is a divorce final in Missouri?

Answer On One Hand: A Missouri Divorce Can Conclude in 30 DaysParties to a Missouri divorce who are in general agreement on all major issues and with no children legally can conclude their divorce once th... Read More »

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Is a divorce final if only one partner signs the divorce papers?

If one of the spouses refuses to sign divorce papers, the divorce is not final. When this happens, a divorce action is filed in court--and is usually resolved one way or another during a trial.Refe... Read More »

If getting a divorce in Pennsylvania can the spouse who provides medical insurance legally terminate the other's medical benefits before the divorce is final when the two are living separately?

Answer No. I believe he must wait until the divorce is final and all terms are worked out.

How to Reopen a Final Divorce SBP?

The Survivor Benefit Plan Title 10 USC 1447-55 as of February 1, 2010 is commonly referred to as SBP, according to Cornell University Law School. Congress enacted SBP to provide a spouse or forme... Read More »

Is divorce in Missouri a 50/50 split?

Missouri is an "equitable distribution" state, which means that marital assets are divided according to what the court deems to be "fair" but not necessarily 50/50. A judge will consider how much e... Read More »