How soon in a dogs pregnancy do they produce milk?

Answer dogs produce their milk from 2-3 weeks before they have their pups

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Can you produce breast milk for a husband without pregnancy?

Yes. There are several benefits of doing so in fact, for both husband and wife. This is commonly referred to as an Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR). My wife and I practice this and are willing to t... Read More »

What stage during pregnancy do you produce milk?

What are some pregnancy symptoms that can occur as soon as a two weeks in pregnancy?

Answer Cramping and fatigue. Possibly sore or tender breasts. It's different in every woman. Nausea also pops up in some women.

If you had true labor contractions last night and they stopped will they be back soon?

True labor will not usually stop. Labor that stops is, by definition, false labor. False labor is common, especially in a second or third (or fourth, etc.) pregnancy. These contractions, however... Read More »