How soon does labor start after losing your mucus plug?

Answer It varies with every woman. You can't necessarily estimate how long it takes. Some women can lose their mucus plug at 28 to 36 weeks and still don't go into labor for a few other weeks. Losing your... Read More »

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How long after losing your mucus plug does it take to dilate?

Answer Everyone woman is different when it comes to dilation. Some may not start to dilate until their water breaks and even then, some woman do not start then. I've been a new mother now for 3 we... Read More »

Can you go into labor before losing your mucus plug?

YES - not every woman will lose her mucus plug... Sometimes you dilate without dilating enough to lose the plug, and contractions and labor can start before you lose the plug!

How soon before labor do you lose your show mucus plug?

AnswerThe great mystery.. sometimes weeks before, and then the plug rebuilds itself.. sometimes days before.. sometimes not until you are ready to deliver. .it's not really a trustworthy sign of im... Read More »

Is it safe to orgasm after losing your mucus plug?

Yes it is safe to orgasm following the loss of your mucous plug. Having sex after you lose your mucus plug is fine, as long as your water hasn't broken yet. Having orgasms during labour can also be... Read More »