How soon do you send a thank you after an interview?

Answer On One Hand: Some Experts Say Within Two DaysThe specialists behind the textbook "Excellence in Business Communication," suggest you send a thank you message within two days of your interview. Alth... Read More »

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Is it better to send a thank you email or handwritten thank you note after a job interview?

On One Hand: A Handwritten Note Is More Personal.Send a handwritten thank you note if the job interview and your relationship with the interviewer demands a more personal touch. This rule might app... Read More »

Should I Send a Thank You Letter After an Interview?

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Should I Send a Thank-You Email After an Interview?

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When should you send a"thank you"letter after a job interview?

Sending your interviewers a "thank you" note can set you apart from other job seekers, but you want to ensure it gets there in enough time to positively impact your candidacy. Write the note the ev... Read More »