How soon can you tell if your are pregnant?

Answer If you suspect that you may be pregnant, you can find out for sure by taking a home pregnancy test. Home pregnancy tests detect the hormone HcG in your urine and can be taken as soon as you miss a ... Read More »

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You started your period on dec 30 and then had unprotected sex and he came inside you on Jan 12 now today is Jan 20 is it too soon to tell if im pregnant what signs and symptons could you look out for?

Answer Signs: cramping,tender breasts,frequent urination. Take a test around the 23rd if negative repeat in 2 days. All the best I hope you get the answer you want.

If you had unprotected sex 3 days ago and you should have started your period this week or last week how soon will you be able to tell if you're pregnant?

Answer Most of the do it your self tests work after one week of conception. Answer If your period is already late and you had sex before it was due, take a test.

How soon before my period can i tell if i am pregnant?

Excitement can build quickly when you decide to have a baby, and sometimes waiting for that missed period isn't feasible. Pregnancy detection is possible as early as a week before your period is ex... Read More »

How soon can you tell when you become pregnant?

Firstly, you should be asking your Pediatrician this question. Sounds like you need immediate medical help, and with a baby but 3 days old, you need professional medical help, and right now. Get to... Read More »