How soon can you tell if your are pregnant?

Answer If you suspect that you may be pregnant, you can find out for sure by taking a home pregnancy test. Home pregnancy tests detect the hormone HcG in your urine and can be taken as soon as you miss a ... Read More »

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How soon can you tell when you become pregnant?

Firstly, you should be asking your Pediatrician this question. Sounds like you need immediate medical help, and with a baby but 3 days old, you need professional medical help, and right now. Get to... Read More »

How soon before my period can i tell if i am pregnant?

Excitement can build quickly when you decide to have a baby, and sometimes waiting for that missed period isn't feasible. Pregnancy detection is possible as early as a week before your period is ex... Read More »

How soon can you tell if you are pregnant from a blood test?

The National Women's Health Information Center explains that blood tests are able to detect a pregnancy earlier than a urine test. According to the American Pregnancy Association, a blood test can ... Read More »

Can a woman tell if she is pregnant as soon as nine days after having sex?

Answer There is no way possible a woman can tell pregnancy that early. The only way you would know something like that is if you go to the doctor and take a blood pregnancy test. It detects pregna... Read More »