How soon can you take a pregnancy test and get positive results?

Answer Maybe, it depends upon the amount rendered by the government agency and by the obligated parent versus the needs of the children.However, said parent must be the legal adopting parent of the child/... Read More »

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Can positive pregnancy results disappear from the pregnancy test?

Yes, After the Urine evaporates from the "stick" it will fade away or if it's electronic it will Power down and disappear.

How soon after conception will a pregnancy test read positive?

We know that it takes 7-10 days for a baby to implant and then another few days for the hCG to show up in the urine and be detected on the HPT. Now the more sensitive the test the better the resul... Read More »

How soon can I take an EPT test and get accurate results?

Early-detection pregnancy tests (EPTs) produce accurate results after six to eight days from the time of conception, according to Early-Pregnancy-Tests. However, conception can actually occur up to... Read More »

How soon can you take a home pregnancy test?

"How soon"You can take the test on the 3 day after the intercourse. You have to take [collect] the very first urine in the morning and use the "pregnancy test card" to confirm it.It is very easy an... Read More »