How soon can you refinance your home after buying?

Answer Once your mortgage is officially funded, which usually takes two weeks, any home owner can refinance his home. However, some lenders require borrowers to own the home for a full six months before a... Read More »

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How long after buying a home can you refinance?

You can refinance about 12 months after buying a home. People choose to refinance for many reasons, one of them is to get a lower interest rate on their loan. Though you can refinance in 12 months,... Read More »

Should I Refinance Six Months After Buying My House?

The front brakes on the 1996 Mercury Sable are anti-lock disc brakes, while the rear wheels have drum brakes. Disc brakes enable the vehicle to stop in a shorter distance, and they allow the driver... Read More »

How to Refinance a Home Mortgage With a Lien on the Home?

When interest rates decrease, many homeowners consider refinancing their mortgage. Refinancing reduces monthly payments, reduces the loan term or may give back some needed cash to do repairs or to ... Read More »

When can I refinance my new home?

Most mortgage loan terms allow refinancing whenever the homeowners choose, even in a new home. Lenders recommend refinancing only for a lower interest rate, or to extend the life of the loan. Prepa... Read More »