How soon can you find out that your pregnant?

Answer You usually find out after you miss your period. You can take a pregnancy test to find out. Remember, + = pregnant. - = you're not pregnant. (These are the common indications to a pregnancy test, u... Read More »

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How soon after sex can you find out if you're pregnant or not?

With any regular over the counter pregnancy test, you can find out you are pregnant 4-7 days after conception. It doesn't normally take longer than a week due to your hormone levels going up so qui... Read More »

How soon after intercourse can you find out if you are pregnant or not?

Answer After the sperm meets the egg during ovulation (around the 13th to 15th day after your last period), the cells divide and travel down your fallopian tubes and into your uterus. If you don't ... Read More »

You had dry-sex with your boyfriend a week ago and you are terrified that you might be pregnant 3 guys told you that your tummy looks big Am you pregnant HELP?

#1 you dont start showing until at least 16 weeks. So people saying your stomach is looking big does not indicate your pregnant #2 dry sex, unless he ejaculated on your vagina, then there is no pos... Read More »

How soon will you be able to tell that you are pregnant after having unprotected sex?