When you find out your pregnant how many weeks do you go back to find out when you got pregnant?

Answer Actually, how many weeks along you are goes by the first day of your last cycle. If you have a perfect 28 day cycle; then you would count back two weeks and that would be around the time you ovulat... Read More »

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What if you are a 13-year-old girl who wants to become pregnant and your boyfriend will have sex with you to make you pregnant but your not sure what your parents will say if they find out?

Here are some answers from the WikiAnswers Community. Please feel free to add yours while refraining from removing others.Answer Why do you want to get pregnant at 13? I got pregnant with my first ... Read More »

What should you do if you're 16 and already had a baby and then 7 months later you find out you're pregnant again and you don't want your parents to find out and you don't want to keep the baby?

Unwanted Pregnancy There are several options for you. First off, I would tell your parents right away. Hopefully they can help you. There IS the possibility of abortion without parental consent ... Read More »

How to Find Out if You're Pregnant?

Are you wondering if you might be pregnant? They're are many signs, such as lethargy (extreme tiredness) or tender breasts.

How do you find out that you are pregnant?

You can find out if you are pregnant one of three ways. You can take a home pregnancy test, have a urine test preformed by a Dr, or have a blood test preformed by a Dr.