How soon can this fellow return to work?

Answer Fire him for laziness. He should do it on his lunch break and get back before dinner is over. Tell that fellow to hop to it and not leave a bloody mess on the floor. And you should make sure he isn... Read More »

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How soon after having wisdom teeth pulled , is a person able to return back to work?

I had mine pulled on Thursday and went back to work on Monday. I still had some swelling and bruising but no pain.

My fellow this our new Swine flu motto......?

"My fellow Australians" ..........Is this some John Howard-esque inclusion claim for broad appeal while a speciously valid statement is about to be made?I thought such times were thankfully behind ... Read More »

Hi fellow vegans and vegetarians, what's your opinion on this ?

I personally don't think V&V should have anything to do with MCDs etc.Lets face it, they will not direct the profit they make from you to widen thier veggie choice. They wil use it to expand thier ... Read More »

Gardeners or others - Have you ever had a gardening year like this poor fellow?

(raises hand) Yeah, I have.Back in the late '80s, I lived in Brooklyn, NY, and believe it or not I had a vegetable garden in my backyard.After a few weeks of extremely dry weather, I decided to spe... Read More »