How soon can i refinance my car loan?

Answer On One Hand: As Soon as You WantYou are allowed to refinance your car loan at any time. If interest rates have fallen since you first financed the purchase of your car, you may be able to save a si... Read More »

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How soon can I refinance my mortgage loan?

In most cases, there is not a waiting period on mortgage refinancing. However, some FHA mortgages require that the borrower own the property for a full 90 days prior to refinancing. Also, if the bo... Read More »

How soon can you refinance a car?

On One Hand: As soon as possibleThere are no laws that set a minimum amount of time you have to pay on one auto loan before refinancing. You could theoretically drive off the lot in your new car, g... Read More »

How soon can you refinance your home?

On One Hand: When Interest Rates FallYou should refinance your home mortgage when mortgage rates fall so that you can take advantage of lower rates. A lower interest rate will result in savings on ... Read More »

How soon can you refinance your home after buying?

Once your mortgage is officially funded, which usually takes two weeks, any home owner can refinance his home. However, some lenders require borrowers to own the home for a full six months before a... Read More »