How soon can a woman who has just given birth take a bath?

Answer As soon as she likes, it must be a clean tub and clean water.

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Why is rabies vaccine given to dogs at 90 days of age & not soon after the birth?

Manu, you have asked a good question. When the rabies vaccine is given to dogs, it is a foreign substance, called an "antigen". The purpose is to cause the dog to react to the antigen by developi... Read More »

Does a woman get her period right after she has given birth?

How soon after stopping birth control can a woman get pregnant?

After stopping a regular-dose or low-dose birth control pill, a woman can get pregnant the next time she ovulates, which usually happens within one to two weeks of finishing a pack. Depending on in... Read More »

How much hydrocodone would a pregnant woman have to take to cause the fetus to witdraw at birth?

Detoxing off of methadone during pregnancy could cause birth complications and result in a miscarriage.