How soon can a woman have sex after starting the pill?

Answer A woman starting on birth control pills can have sex right away, although she should use extra contraception, such as condoms, for the first seven days, to ensure a better chance at preventing preg... Read More »

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How soon after starting chemo does hair loss start?

On One Hand: Chemo Hair Loss Takes Two WeeksMost people who have chemotherapy lose their hair. According to the Mayo Clinic, chemotherapy hair loss begins between 10 to 14 days after you start trea... Read More »

How soon can a woman start feeling pregnant after conception?

Answer Some women get little twinges of nausea about 10 days after conception. However, it has been my experience that true pregnancy symptoms are felt at about the sixth or seventh week of pregna... Read More »

How soon after stopping birth control can a woman get pregnant?

After stopping a regular-dose or low-dose birth control pill, a woman can get pregnant the next time she ovulates, which usually happens within one to two weeks of finishing a pack. Depending on in... Read More »

After you have your wisdom teeth out how soon is too soon for the stitches to come out on their own?

A few days but check with the dentist who did the extractions. They generally like the sutures to stay in for a whole week, but sometimes it doesn't hurt for them to be a couple of days early. Alwa... Read More »