How soon can a fetus hear?

Answer Around the 18th week of pregnancy (16 weeks after conception occurs), the fetus begins to develop rudimentary ears. These ears become connected to the brain, which allows the fetus to hear sounds. ... Read More »

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When can a fetus hear sounds?

Fetuses are able to hear by week 19 to 21 of pregnancy, and may respond to loud sounds. Around the same time, fetuses begin to make more movements, which mothers may be able to feel as a fluttering... Read More »

When can a fetus begin to hear?

Ear structures begin developing in embryos during the sixth to the seventh week of pregnancy, and the fetus develops the ability to hear during the 19th to the 21st week.Source:Medline Plus: Fetal ... Read More »

How soon is the heart developed in a fetus?

A fetus develops a heart in the third week of pregnancy. The heart initially is outside the body and begins beating at a regular rhythm in the fourth or fifth week. By eight weeks, the fetal heart ... Read More »

When does the human fetus star to hear sounds?