How soon before labor begins do you start to dilate and how much?

Answer Answer I am currently 32 weeks and am dialated almost 2 cm. I started to dialate at 29 weeks. My doc said I need to go another two weeks before I can have the baby safely. In Nevada, where I live, ... Read More »

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If Cervix unable to dilate after 20 over hours of labor what is the cause?

My cervix was unable to dilate after 9 hours of hard labor. I was induced and the doctors told me that they had the pitocin level as high as they could put it without rupturing my uterus. My doctor... Read More »

If your 1cm dilated how much time will it take until you dilate enough to be in active labor?

Answer You can be 1cm for a while. Some women have gone months.First you need to realize how far along you are anyway.If you are not 40 weeks yet then it is likely that you wont go into labor any... Read More »

What is the name of the discharge before labor begins?

Is it normal to have really sore breasts before labor begins?

Yes, it is normal. You are getting ready to have your baby and where does that baby get his/her food from? You might already have colostrum (the see-thru yellow-ish liquid before your milk comes in... Read More »